Look back to look forward

I kept thinking that I would have something a bit more interesting to write this month’s blog update but to be honest, I’m feeling a little deflated. In Melbourne, where I live, a bunch of suburbs have just been announced to be back into lockdown. This sucks. The virus numbers are spiking again and it’s […]

Catching up

Since my last update, there hasn’t been a lot that has changed in the world. In my world anyway! I am still working, training and not racing. I have actually found this time nice for a change. I have pulled out of my race in July as I can’t see any international flights happening by […]

What now??

These are interesting times. As I have said previously, I find it much easier to write about races that I have done than anything else as it gives me a focus to my post. But with no races on the horizon, I had to dig a little deeper for what to write about this time. […]

Sharpy’s 10k Run & Mountain Bike Orienteering

I managed to squeeze in two races yesterday. I was super surprised that with a lot of race cancellations, these two were able to go ahead. But the current regulations in Australia are any gathering with less than 500 people will be allowed to go ahead from Monday. We had information from the trail run […]

RRP #502

Today my podcast episode with Rich Roll comes out. Last time I did a podcast with Rich and my Epic 5 sister Dani, I had a pretty big meltdown (which I talk about in this episode) afterwards. It was anxiety like I’ve never felt before because of feeling the imposter syndrome and wondering why I […]

Otway Odyssey

I have been mountain bike racing for a few years now. I have done a bunch of Friday night races with the Geelong Mountain Bike Club as well as 3 hour and a 6 hour race at the You Yangs. I’ve super comfortable on most of the trails out there so racing in Forrest for […]

Back to it

I finished of 2019 with a 10k fun run on New Years Eve. It was awesome. I was back on trails that I had been on for the 100k I ran earlier in the year. It’s also where I go and do mountain bike races and rides so it’s great to do races out there […]

Uberman Recovery

One of the most common questions I have been getting is, are you recovered yet? My answer is always the same. No. Not yet. Another few months. This is usually met with a sense of surprise as physically I look good. I’m not injured, I have been doing a bit of exercise when I want […]


I can’t remember when I originally found out about this crazy event. I feel that because of the community that I am in, I find out about random, underground races that are not very well publicised. In order to feel ‘confident’ that I would be able to get through the distance, especially the swim, I […]