Slightly mental triathlete who is allergic to the sun.

Career highlights:
Epic 5 (5 ironmans in 5 days over 5 islands in Hawaii)
x2 Ultraman – Canada, Australia (3rd female)
Ultraman Hawaii (participant)
x6 ironmans
x12 half ironmans
Surf Coast 50k trail run
Wonderland 36k trail run
Wilson’s Prom 60k trail run
Duncan’s run 50k trail run
Mt Baw Baw trail marathon – 2nd female
Roller Coaster 43k trail run
Rottnest Channel Swim 20k

Entrix Sport
Huma Gels

Australian Triathlete
Witsup.com Epic 5
Witsup.com Ultraman Canada
TRS Radio
West Hawaii Today

2 degrees of separation
2 degrees of separation Epic 5 post race
Sparta Chicks Radio
Tough Girl Podcast
IM Talk
The Hidden Athlete Podcast
The Coach Curl Podcast
The Rich Roll Podcast
Runnez Radio

Channel 7 TV appearance
The Daily Show


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