Small Talk

We are back in lockdown in Melbourne at the moment. It’s not ideal but it’s the best thing we can do to get this virus under control. I honestly don’t care how many statistics people throw around about how many people have recovered from the virus vs how many people have died. Every statistic of a person who has died is one too many in my opinion. Especially if they are in hospital and their family cannot visit them due to visitor restrictions. It’s horrible and that’s all I’m going to say about that!!

One thing that has been really interesting is how people’s small talk has changed. I know my days off work are still filled with some form of training but without anything else to do, it’s hard to roll into work and talk about your weekends and what you have been doing. It is usually met by a shrug of shoulders and laugh about how we actually can’t do anything at the moment.
Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying doing virtual races and supporting causes through that, but I find that it’s not very interesting to talk about!

So instead I have started asking people what they are watching on TV. Mostly Netflix and Apple TV as these are what we have in our house. Especially if anyone has any good recommendations for me that I haven’t seen, because while I love doing a 6 hour Zwift session whilst chatting with a friend about mental strength, there is also a lot of other hours in the day to fill up!! You can find my amazing friend Tiff’s write up of that chat and ride here

This is what I have got from my end that I have been loving. Please feel free to let me know about other shows that I might be interested in based on what I have. As you will be able to see, I have some very high brow and VERY low brow tastes!!
Disclaimer – please see what the show is about before you watch it. There is some heavy and other very light hearted shows in this list so depends on what you can manage at that point in time!

Apple TV:
Defending Jacob
Visible: Out on TV

The Last Dance
Money Heist
Sex Education (don’t let the title deter you, it’s one of my favourite shows!)
After Life (equally as amazing)
Athlete A
Top End Wedding
Queer Eye (remade)
Seven Seconds
Too hot to handle
The floor is lava
Dear White People
When They See Us + interview with Oprah with the people the show was based on

So…what have you been watching on Netflix??

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