Cadel’s Ride & bonus kms home!

There was a plan a while ago to do Cadel’s People’s Ride as a big No Limits Endurance group. I joked at the time with Coach Tim that Craig would make me ride home afterwards…well, I ended up coming up with that idea with my Coach Kate and she was more than happy for me […]

3 Peaks Adventure Ride

This time of year, we usually do a trip to Mt Bulla. Instead, this year we decided to go to Bright. More options for roadies and mountain bikers. I had floated the idea of doing the 3 Peaks Ride course many months ago, with a friend Ben he who was keen. We have done a […]

Two Bays 28k trail run

I have always wanted to do this run. Back years ago when I heard about it, when it was an underground race that was a ‘run’ with a bunch of mates and you had to provide your own support. Now, it’s a very well organised trail run with two different races going at the same […]