Ride On!

Each year between Christmas and New Years, I see people posting about their Rapha Festive 500 rides where they ride 500kms between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. This year I figured I would join in! It was around this time that Michael suggested we do an overnight bike packing trip on my days off […]

Q and A

I was thinking for a while about what to write about for my December Blog. Since I started this, I made a commitment to myself that I will write at least once a month. But I just kept coming up with blanks. I didn’t have anything that I considered would be “interesting enough” for me to […]

Escape to the Country

This past weekend, Michael and I went for a weekend away in Forrest. It was so good to get away. After being locked up in Melbourne for many, many, months, it was great to be able to have time away. But I also felt anxious about it. It was a weird feeling. Not one that […]

The Power of Words

Power of words I have tried to write this blog post a few times but for some reason I haven’t been able to gather my thoughts accordingly to get what I want to say across. I am hoping this time will be different! If you’re reading this, then I have figured out how to say what […]

Women in Triathlon

I was fortunate to participate in a webinar run by Triathlon Victoria as part of their Women in Triathlon initiative yesterday. It was really fun to talk to a group with some interesting questions to me and the the other two women on the panel Dimity Gannon and Vanessa Murray. It is going up on […]

Base Camp Everesting

I know that there is at least one of my friends who will look at that and not understand any of it! So if you already know, feel free to skip past this bit!! Everesting is climbing on a bike the accumulated elevation of Mount Everest 8848m. Base Camp is doing half of that.  It […]

Ultraman Canada 2014

The past week or so, my Facebook has been putting up old memories from my first Ultraman I did in 2014. I still rate this as the hardest race I’ve ever done. And it was the first time I realised that I am very mentally tough to be able to get through it. I went […]

Small Talk

We are back in lockdown in Melbourne at the moment. It’s not ideal but it’s the best thing we can do to get this virus under control. I honestly don’t care how many statistics people throw around about how many people have recovered from the virus vs how many people have died. Every statistic of […]

Look back to look forward

I kept thinking that I would have something a bit more interesting to write this month’s blog update but to be honest, I’m feeling a little deflated. In Melbourne, where I live, a bunch of suburbs have just been announced to be back into lockdown. This sucks. The virus numbers are spiking again and it’s […]

Catching up

Since my last update, there hasn’t been a lot that has changed in the world. In my world anyway! I am still working, training and not racing. I have actually found this time nice for a change. I have pulled out of my race in July as I can’t see any international flights happening by […]