Epic 5 – crew report

I asked my crew to write down a few words about Epic 5 from their point of view. Ben and Michael wrote a few things which are below: Ben: Since Epic 5 has finished many people I have spoken to about it have asked me to describe what it was like, how did we all […]

Epic 5

I never planned to do this race. I found out about it 7 years ago when I read Rich Roll’s book Finding Ultra.  I was interested in Ultraman but Epic 5 seemed too big and unachievable. That was until a friend said to me after Ultraman Canada in 2014, if you do Epic 5, I’ll […]

Hawaii Part Two

There you go. It worked. I wrote a part one so I need to write a part two! Nothing like a bit of guilt to motivate me! Since I got my bike back, my stress levels have come down significantly. My friend Ingrid, whose place I have been staying at returned from her trip to […]

Hawaii Part One

This post is not going to be all about my bike. If you have been following along with my social media in the past few days, you would know that my bike has been MIA since I arrived in Hawaii on Monday 10th. Today, I am hopeful I will be reunited with it. But that’s […]

Challenge Melbourne

Last time I toed the line for this race, I DNF’d. It has been my one and only DNF in a race and it was because I managed to break the front hub in my ZIPP wheel. The mechanic that I spoke to about stopping my spoke from knocking about on my wheel took one […]

Bendigo Long Course

“Remember you are an endurance athlete so will probably feel better the second half of each leg”. Those were very wise words from my coach and echoed around my head quite a few times during this race. This was the 3rd race in 3 weeks that I was lining up for. This one was 1.9k […]

Mt Baw Baw Marathon

Yesterday was my birthday. So I ran a marathon. In my world, that makes sense. To a lot of other people, it doesn’t! It was funny to read posts on Facebook wishing me happy birthday and a day of rest. Don’t they know me?! I convinced my amazing husband to come to Baw Baw with […]