Ultraman Hawaii

Ultraman Hawaii 3 days Swim 10k Bike 420k Run 84k Crew – Michael (chief), Pep (physio), Rach (logistics – nutrition, navigation), Will (driver, everything else), Ramona (paddler) I feel I now have enough time and space away from this event to write objectively about it. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of emotion […]

What’s next??

Yep. I have landed on what I’m going to do next year. Well, my A race anyway. I have been thinking, talking and planning this one for a while. I usually pick events a year or two, or even four years ahead of time so that will come no surprise to anyone who knows me […]

Imposter Syndrome

I have gone to write this post so many times in the past year but I have been too scared. Scared of judgement. Scared of people feeling they have to give me platitudes or something. Scared of putting my anxieties out into the public space. Deep breaths. Here I go. I always knew that I […]

New York Marathon

Wow. This race is going to be hard to encapsulated it all into a race report but I’ll see how I go!! Originally, I didn’t have this race on my plan for this season but the opportunity came up by getting a spot at the Point to Pinnacle half marathon last year with a race […]

New York 5k Dash to the Finish

So when I said my next race was going to be the New York Marathon, I was kind of lying/forgot about this run!! I have a bit to think about at the moment!! My coach usually gives me a short, 30min shake out run the day before a race so I figured that I would […]

Welcome to America

This winter just gone has felt like it was never going to end. I think that also has partially to do with the fact that I have managed to escape at least part of winter for the last 5 years. This year was tough. There was quite a few indoor wind trainer sessions of 3-5 […]

Surf Coast 50k

This was my last race before my two A races coming up in November. New York Marathon and Ultraman Hawaii World Championships. That brings things a little closer, more exciting but also more scary at the same time!! I had been talking to my coach a little while ago about how I feel I need […]