24 Hour Mountain Bike Crewing

About a week ago, my husband Michael raced in a 24-hour mountain bike race in Canberra. This was a race he had been targeting for a while so I was excited to see how he was going to go. Last year, he had lined up for a 24-hour race in Bright. He hadn’t done a […]

Injuries suck

A bit over two weeks ago, I hurt my back. I haven’t been that public about it because to be honest, it was something that I just had to process and I was quite emotional about it all. My poor husband, coach and a few people bore the brunt of my frustrations and emotional rollercoaster! […]

Mountain Bike Night Racing

Over the past month or so, I have been going to the You Yangs on a Friday night to do some Mountain Bike Racing. I feel that I just wrote that as a confessional! It’s actually been heaps of fun. Michael’s coach Jess suggested to Michael a while ago that I should go along and […]

Bike Packing – not for the faint hearted!

Last weekend, Michael and I packed up our clothes into some bags, strapped them to our bikes and jumped on the train to Ballarat with the plan to ride to Bendigo along the Gold Fields Trail. The original plan was to catch a train to Ballarat, ride to Daylesford Saturday, then Sunday finish the ride […]


So, are you recovered now? I can’t count the amount of times I have been asked this but it is interesting to hear the different responses when I tell people no. Nowhere near it! And I don’t know how long it is going to take to recover. I have never done such a massive event […]

Epic 5 – crew report

I asked my crew to write down a few words about Epic 5 from their point of view. Ben and Michael wrote a few things which are below: Ben: Since Epic 5 has finished many people I have spoken to about it have asked me to describe what it was like, how did we all […]

Epic 5

I never planned to do this race. I found out about it 7 years ago when I read Rich Roll’s book Finding Ultra.  I was interested in Ultraman but Epic 5 seemed too big and unachievable. That was until a friend said to me after Ultraman Canada in 2014, if you do Epic 5, I’ll […]