Princes Park 50k

Yes, I am running a lot of races at the moment. This makes the 3rd 50k I have done this year. But there is a method to my madness. The run portion of my triathlon in October is 214k. So I need to do lots of running to train my legs to be able to […]

Maroondah Dam 50k

I was trying to think when I first heard about this race. I’m pretty sure it was through my friend Greg talking about his wife running it. Funnily enough, I saw his wife Karen at the start line and a few times along the route. Full circle right there! This year, like last year, I […]

Brimbank Park 50k

I started back training at the start of January. I’ve been getting some really good, consistent training in. Even with my trip to Iceland, I was able to still run and go to the gym or do some exercise in my room when I couldn’t go outside and there wasn’t a gym around. But to […]

Williamstown Open Water 5k Swim

I did this swim race back in 2017 as a qualifier for the Rottnest Swim. It was rough swim but I survived. This time round, it was worse, rougher and I was very glad that I wasn’t doing the 10k this time!! The course is 2.5k loops, same course each time. This event was supposed […]

Reflections from Ultraman Hawaii

I have had a while to reflect on this race and I was also talking to a friend last night about it so thought I would write a few things down about where things are at now. And I like lists so I’m going to start with that and see where I end up. 1. […]

What’s next??

Yep. I have landed on what I’m going to do next year. Well, my A race anyway. I have been thinking, talking and planning this one for a while. I usually pick events a year or two, or even four years ahead of time so that will come no surprise to anyone who knows me […]

Ultraman Hawaii

Ultraman Hawaii 3 days Swim 10k Bike 420k Run 84k Crew – Michael (chief), Pep (physio), Rach (logistics – nutrition, navigation), Will (driver, everything else), Ramona (paddler) I feel I now have enough time and space away from this event to write objectively about it. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of emotion […]